About Us

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?    

VA’s are highly skilled individuals that work from a remote location who serve businesses by providing professional administrative assistance with exactly what they need, when they need it.  To make them most efficient, we save them countless dollars on overhead costs.  Our team at Developmentor completely understands the demands of everyday business and strive to have everyone focusing on what they do best, including our clients.  We know what it takes for businesses to be successful and we realize no one can do it all – it takes a team!  Plus, we are the experts when it comes to administrative tasks!

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Who are we?
My name is Shannon Klein and I own and operate Developmentor LLC.  Most recently, I have worked in executive administrative roles for 10 years and previously in other administrative positions for another 10 years.  My experience has been in all types of environments, such as service, retail, wholesale, production, and corporate.  With my history, I have learned the best ways to work and communicate effectively with consumers, clients, vendors, and colleagues of all levels.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 
As for my team, I select members from the International Virtual Assistant’s Association (IVAA) to assist in completing project(s).  Clients do not need to be preoccupied with finding highly skilled individuals who are capable of completing each assigned task.  When time allows, I handle the majority of projects.  In the event that I’m unfamiliar with a program, application, software, or requested task, I find someone who specializes in it to make certain we provide the best quality service possible.  The IVAA members pay to be a part of this very talented organization.  As part of the membership, they provide valuable resources to build relationships, post/seek job offers, communicate with other VA’s and administrators, and find valuable information to assist in their tasks.
What is our take on your security?

Our #1 priority is to keep all client information secure and confidential!  We are in business because of your decision to hire us.  Therefore, you are highly respected in our book!  We don’t think of ourselves as just extra help.  We take ownership for our work and are accountable for our actions.  We keep our computer systems up-to-date with anti-virus and malware protection to keep all data safe.